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Betfair Early Betting Rebate

Betfair are rewarding punters who bet early into racing markets with up to 80% rebate on commissions with the Betfair Early Betting Rebate.

Throughout the month of May, Betfair are putting money back into the pocket of punters with their excellent Early Betting Rebate offer. It’s a simple system that reduces the amount of commission you pay and rewards punters who place their bets early into the market.

How it works

Simply place your racing bet into any Australian thoroughbred, harness or greyhound market on the Betfair exchange, and when your bet settles as a winner, you’ll receive a rebate of up to 80% on the Betfair commission that you pay.

Betfair Early Betting Rebate

The bet doesn’t have to be matched during that period, the bet simply has to be placed at that time, and then matched before the jump. The rebate does not apply for BSP bets or bets matched in play.

So to receive the full benefit of an 80% rebate, you just need to place your bet more than 3 hours prior to the race. 

Rebates will be paid out to your account by around 10pm that evening.

So not only are punters rewarded, but it’s putting more liquidity into the early markets which creates a better betting marketplace for everyone!

This is a great offer by Betfair and providing some excellent value for early price hunters. If you haven’t got a Betfair account, then click on the links or banners on this site to join Betfair today!

For more information, please refer to the T&Cs on the Betfair website or call the Betfair customer service team on 1300 238 324.

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